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Written on May 16th, 2019
I was a young girl in a rural, low income, isolated area of dirt roads with little resources,
but with BIG aspirations of creating wealth.

Everyone told me the only way to succeed was to borrow money for everything and live by managing my debt against a paycheck. 

Then, I realized the TRUTH of enjoying my life while also creating long-term wealth was right in front of me... 

When I first started out, I was saving money anyway I could. I wanted to build enough wealth so I could be free to make decisions without being confined by a paycheck.  

I wanted to be able to prove you could achieve great wealth the old-fashioned way. I believed
in my heart that I could achieve a level of wealth that allowed me to live my own dreams and a lifestyle of my choice, without concerns of having enough money.  

It was sometimes daunting, especially when other people looked as me as though I was crazy.
I felt like I was trapped in a box with a thin ray of light shining through, but I had to figure out a path to reach it.  

I was being surrounded by people who said my plan to create wealth that can last for generations was impossible. But I had watched my parents do it with even greater limits on resources than I had, so I knew it was possible. I also knew if I did not achieve the levels of  
financial success I wanted, I would fail to achieve my life dreams.

My own college professors told me I could not successfully achieve wealth the way my parents did. I was told it was no longer possible, and debt management was the key moving forward. But I could not afford to be wrong because if they were right, my entire life plans were ruined, which meant that my financial goals would not be reached.  

I stopped sharing my plans with others because I got tired of the crazy stares. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t see the path forward, but they didn’t. 

Then something amazing happened...

I figured out the exact plan my parents used when I was a child to build their dreams! It was a basic approach, but it worked! I decided to take that knowledge and develop my own strategy to achieve wealth. It was exhilarating to embrace a plan that I had already witnessed the results from.

It was now crystal clear to me how to manage my finances to create real wealth, regardless of how much money I made!  

It does not matter how much money you earn! It only matters how much of that money you keep.  

I smiled in silence at the end of every month as I accrued more money in my account, while my friends spent every dollar they earned on things that didn't last. 

Suddenly, I was creating true wealth with a common-sense strategy I could use my entire life!
Once I got married, we could achieve more in less time by combining our efforts. But we had also increased our living costs... so we had to strike a balance. 

The plan was working ahead of schedule.   But there was still a problem...  

The problem was, I never made huge amounts of money through my salary
and neither did my husband.

Saving money takes a long time, and keeping your eye focused on the end-game is the key.
It took us a while, but by working the plan consistently, setting milestones and timelines,
and using patience, the benefits of compound interest kicked in and our money began to make money for us every month. 

We thought if we could use the strategy to hit $1 million, we would be set.

Following this EXACT PROCESS for years, my husband and I finally made it in the “MILLIONAIRE'S CLUB”!  

Our Net Worth = $1,000,000.

So now we are simply working towards the next million using the exact same strategy!
I can now do most anything I want now. I can buy anything that I want. I can travel anywhere I choose to go, without worrying about how much it costs.

And that is true financial freedom. 

We then started sharing our strategy with people like you, to help you realize you can have everything you want too!

I have developed a step-by-step strategy for wealth creation that anyone can follow no matter their circumstances. You can start with no money or some money. My strategy allows the individual to determine what financial success means to them and chart their own path to achieve it. 
After developing and implementing my wealth creation strategy, my husband and I have continued to follow the plan and create tremendous wealth. Our daughter has no student loans to worry about when she graduates college in a few years, since we have the funds to pay for her college tuition. We have traveled around the world and we no longer are dependent on a pay check to determine our future. (We both still work, but we DON'T HAVE TO WORK IF WE DON'T WANT TO!)

Sharing my strategy with others and witnessing the transformation in your life means a great deal to me and I hope you are ready to get started!

Thanks so much for visiting.
Lynda Lee Smith
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