...even if you think you don't make enough money to save any money!

The “secret” to growing your personal wealth is to 
transform the way  you see money
which causes you to act differently with your money. 

This book will teach you how to do exactly that.

How Would Your Life Change If 
Your Mindset About Money 
Was Completely Different And Was Suddenly 
Preparing Your Financial Future For Success
Instead of Hoping
Everything Will Turn Out O.K.?

This Book Will Show You:

* Why YOU NEED A NEW STRATEGY when it comes to saving money

* Why your past  DOES NOT have to equal your future

* NOT TO SETTLE for the "Status Quo"

* How to create generational wealth using COMPOUND INTEREST

* The importance of a “Slush Fund”

* Why you must commit to your plan and process

* How to move forward in dramatic ways by creating a BOARD OF DIRECTORS for your personal life

* The elements of a sound financial strategy

* How you can LEAVE A LEGACY after you are gone

* How to ENJOY success and freedom

If you’re someone who wants to create enough wealth to live the life of your dreams on your current salary, this might be one of the most important books you will ever read. 

But first...


It is NOT your fault if you have been unable to save enough money to change your life. The tired old mantra of "save more" and "spend less" doesn't address your life situation, or the way you see money. As long as you look at money the same way you have been taught to see it, you will never be able to change what you do with your money, no matter how much you hope you can!

For example, as long as you look at extra money in your bank account and see all the things you can do with it right now, and focus on how much you want those things, you will never be able to save enough money to change your life.

You must learn to "see" money differently. Until you can see the value of that same money over 20, 25, or 30 years, and be excited by how it will change your life over time, you will never be able to save enough money to create genuine wealth.

My system teaches you exactly how to re-train your brain, so you can change your financial life forever!

What I'm about to share with you is, what I believe to be, the most effective strategy for generating wealth for yourself over time.

However, you are NOT going to be rich within a year of deploying this strategy.

Saving money based on your current salary takes a plan and daily commitment.

So if you're looking for the next "get rich quick" plan or strategy, this is NOT that.

This is a proven system that, when you implement correctly, will generate a massive amount of wealth over time. But that is a "massive amount" based on your starting point and amount of time you have to work the plan.

Whether you choose to take any action to change your financial future or not, the next 20 years is going to come.

If you can be a millionaire in 15-20 years by executing a common-sense approach of money management, why wouldn't you? You will be the same age 20 years from now, the only question is whether or not you will be wealthy when it gets here.

What you are about to learn is how to set up a plan that will allow you to make the most out of your financial situation.

I've never taught this system to anyone outside of my private clients.

So if that sounds good...let's jump in.

Exactly What You're Getting

After many people asking me over the years to tell them exactly how I changed my life and created wealth beyond my dreams, I put it down on paper. This digital copy of my book has everything you need to know to rewire your brain and see money in a different manner. 

Without changing your daily habits and defining the reasons WHY you do what you do, you will 

Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book 

  • Secret #1: Why knowing how to save money is not enough (page 92)
  • Secret #2: The FIVE most important questions you must answer in order to create financial success (page 21)
  • Secret #3: Just because you haven’t managed to save any money yet, it does not mean you can’t be successful saving money (page 37)
  • Secret #4: Why saving a small amount of money over many years will give you tons more money than a lot of money over the last 10 years of your working life - it's not even close! (page 72)
  • Secret #5: Understand that every decision you make will impact your life in some way (page 10)
  • Secret #6: Proof that the system I lay out for you will work for you too, regardless of your current financial situation (page 4)
  • Secret #7: Determining your "WHY"... because your WHY is what makes the plan work (page 28)
  • Secret #8: You can create a new life for yourself, no matter where you are starting from (page 61)
  • Secret #9: The truth about why small financial changes can impact your life in a huge way (page 23)
  • Secret #10: There is a big difference in having some generic goals that you hope to achieve sometime in the future, versus having specific, step-by-step objectives along with a timeline to reach the goal (page 16)
  • Secret #11: How much money that $4.00 cup of coffee really costs you over time... the number will shock you! It could be as much as $404,000 in your bank account on the day you retire (page 53)
  • Secret #12: The enormous difference in your bank account in 10 years based on a small change in interest rate earned (page 68)
  • Secret #13: The huge problem eating "beans and rice" for long periods of time to pay off debt creates for many people, and why I avoid it at all costs (page 80)
  • Secret #14: Just because something is not difficult DOES NOT mean it is easy (page 32)
  • Secret #15: Why you should never rely on friends to help you create your financial plan for the future, and why you need a BOD! (page 101)
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Here Are the Big Takeaways In My Book:

Changing the way you see money (and what money represents) is a game
changer when it comes to saving and investing money.

Many financial guru's put complicated plans on paper that you will never
be able to follow, so why would you want to do them?

Starting NOW with a little bit of money to save every month is much better
than waiting till you make more money. The difference can be DRAMATIC in 10-20 years!

You must determine WHY you want MONEY and FREEDOM in your life. It is the
only thing that will keep you on track throughout your life.

For just $5.90, you can purchase my 136-page book, 
Beat the System and Create Your Own Pathway to Wealth, 
and get everything you need to implement this life-changing strategy.

“What If This Book Is A Complete Waste?”

If you’re skeptical of ANY financial claims at this point…

I understand.

And I’m not asking you to change your opinion.

That would be unfair, given how many crazy claims there are on the internet.

Instead, here’s my offer:

Buy my book for $5.90.

If you dislike it for ANY reason

Just let me know and I’ll refund you the $5.90.

You don’t even have to send the book back.

If you believe the contents of this book will not help you get a new outlook on how changing a few daily habits can change your financial future, simply ask for a refund and it’s yours.

The Book Is $5.90… But How Much
Does It Cost NOT To Purchase It?

Tens of thousands of dollars easily.

Hundreds of thousands conservatively.

Potentially over a million dollars, depending on how much and how long you save and invest.

You can continue to spend almost every dollar you make, assuming the 6% you are investing in your 401(k) will be enough for you to retire on (IT WILL NOT!).

You can hope social security will pay for your living expenses after you retire. That is not an appealing offer from my perspective.

If those are your options, the last few decades of your life are likely going to be meager, because you are not going to have enough money to enjoy your life to its full potential.

The saddest conversations I have are with older people who look back and finally understand that if they had seen money differently when they were young, their lives would be dramatically better now.

Don't let that be you! Download the book today!

Time Is Of The Essence...

This $5.90 price is a test, and since I’m running a business, too... you better believe I’ll be raising the price... SOON.
  If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. 
You can do something different right now by investing a few dollars in the same system that has taken many people from a life with no freedom, to a life with enough money to make your own choices.  
And that is all money is... FREEDOM!
The choice is yours.
Click the button below to get your copy of Beat the System and Create Your Own Pathway to Wealth.

"This Book Changed My Life!"

See What Others Are Saying About The Book
"Changed My Life!"
""I implemented Lynda's system years ago. The difference in the life I was going to have and the life I now have is dramatic.
I completely endorse Lynda's process because it has changed my money situation, and my entire life!"

- Jocelyn D.  St. Louis
"Finally Have A Blueprint"
"Lynda's BEAT THE SYSTEM program isn't hard to do, but no one had ever taught me how to create wealth for myself.
Once I understood the value of small amounts of money invested over time, my net worth started to grow,
and my future was changed!"
- Carolyn B.  New York
"Game-changing Book!"
"Working with Lynda was life changing in terms of how I viewed my relationship with money! She showed me how to increase my assets while still living an enjoyable and full life. The 10 Day Wealth Creation program is definitely well worth the short amount of time required. 
- Keelia A.  Atlanta
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